Happy Mother's Day to my Mother-in-Law

The other day I was asked about marriage advice and I said-pick your mother-in-law not your spouse. While I don't really mean that, I think it's definitely worth thinking about. If she is the type of woman that a daughter-in-law can look up to, she probably raised her babies to be good men. I made a scrapbook for her over our wedding and I wrote on it saying, "thank you for raising your baby boy to be the man of my dreams." Margaret 100% did this! Her baby boy while incredibly infuriating most of the time, is My Forever and I can attribute a lot of that to Margaret. She has the biggest service-oriented heart there is. I read about so many young wives on bad terms with their MILs. I'm SO blessed to have an AMAZING relationship with mine. Margaret is always asking how she can help me. She works in town and is gone 12 plus hours most days, but if I'm around her house when she gets home (and if I'm not around she will text/call), she ALWAYS asks what she can do for me so Matt and I can get home earlier. She asks if she can make me supper. She asks how my day was. If we have a family dinner for my side of the family, she makes sure to ask what can be done so we can leave on time. A lot of the time she even offers to make food for us to take (that might be her thinking of everyone else so they don't have to eat my cooking, not about saving me time). I cannot say enough nice things about her! If you have ever met Margaret, you have met a saint! I hope to be as generous as she is. I hope one day (very far down the road) that I can be a mother-in-law like her. I'm terrible at cards and giving gifts, but I hope she knows that she is an AMAZING woman and I'm so incredibly blessed to have her in my life. I'm so glad that I fell in love with her son.

I hope you all took a moment today to love on your mother, mother-in-laws and women in your lives. They certainly deserve it! Mother are incredible and I'm SO happy that I have two amazing mom role models in my life! I love you!