Quick Sunday Post Before Birthday Party

Good morning! This morning I was up before the break of dawn. Sunday is my favorite day of the week. It is the day that My Forever is so much more relaxed. Today is a special day because we finally get to celebrate my sisters kids and husband's birthday! My niece's birthday is July 27th, my nephew is August 5th and my brother in law is July 31st. Since my sister had her third baby on July 17th it made it a little more interesting to have their birthday party with a brand new baby. So today is finally the day! We're looking forward to seeing and spending time with them today. 

We are fall calving so the cows always come first. I was up early to check them before leaving. My Forever has some other odd jobs that he wants to get done before leaving. In the farming world, there is always something that needs done. When we were first married, and even now a lot, I would nag Matt and get really upset when he wouldn't follow my schedule and he just HAD to do this one last job. I'm starting to learn, don't ask him I'm sure he would disagree, but if I just give him a little time and don't nag so much, he is in a much better mood when we are ready to leave and he's normally ready sooner than if I was nagging and he was dragging his feet. 

Anyway, it's been a busy week of getting into the routine of checking the fall cows first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Along with all the other farming activities. Soon it will be the start of harvest! Yesterday my mother in law went with me to the farmers market. I'm so blessed in the mother in law category! She is the best!! I always joke with My Forever that we can't ever get divorced because I had the wedding that exceeded my dreams and I have the absolute best mother in law. 

Got to run now to get ready for the party and have an awesome day with my family! Hope you have an awesome day and remember what's important. So much of our country is getting hit with bad weather and storms and fires so keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. Stay safe and have fun!