Why do I call Matt, My Forever?

My favorite hashtag is #worktogetherstaytogether. I'm so blessed to be able to work with My Forever every day. So many Americans only see their spouses for a few hours in the evening and on the weekends. I get to be with mine everyday. Of course, we aren't together every second, but I get to see him multiple times a day and normally eat lunch with him. I love that we get to do this. I love that we're blessed enough to be able to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a farmer. I love that we get to see and be together so much more than we would if we both had "regular" jobs. Can you see where this is going? While I am so blessed and so happy to be able to have this time with him and be able to work together to achieve his dreams, not everyday is sunshine and roses. This week has been a rougher week. Maybe it's the impending harvest that has us stressed, maybe it's the start of the fall calving season, maybe it's everything that needs done outside of harvest, maybe it's having cows to take care of, maybe it's the fact that we haven't had very much moisture, maybe it's none of those things. I don't know.

What I do know is that this week I have had to look at the wedding band Matt placed on my finger almost four years ago that hasn't come off since then, only to clean every 6 months and the one time I got it stuck on a wire fence and bent it really bad and My Forever had to use his pliers to get it off my finger so we could make it round again and restore circulation to my finger, and remind myself of the vows that we wrote to each other. I am not one of those people that believe that there is only one person for everybody and we all have our soul mate. I believe that we make a choice when we get married. I made a choice almost four years ago to love My Forever for the rest of my forever. Hence why I refer to him as My Forever. I knew there would be hard days. Maybe in my naive brain, I probably didn't think there would be as many hard days as there has been, even in the short time we've been married. I leave my wedding band on ALL the time because it reminds me that even though he pisses me off SO easily and he hurts my feelings with certain comments and he doesn't do things that I think he should, WE chose-both him and I-to spend forever together. The rings we place on our spouses fingers the day we vow to spend forever together don't have a beginning or an end, they represent eternity. My ring already has blemishes to it. It has the memories that I immediately think of when I look at it-My Forever placing it on my finger on our wedding day-a day that far surpassed my biggest dreams of a wedding, the honeymoon (right in the middle of harvest that he left the farm and went on with me because I wanted an October wedding-yes a week right in the middle of soybean harvest and he chose me), having to use it to hold a cable to a battery to fill the drill, getting it stuck on a gate and almost ripping my finger off and him having to use his pliers to straighten it and get circulation in my finger, but most of all it reminds me that I was chosen for eternity. He CHOSE me. Matt chose ME to spend the rest of his days with. It reminds me that we have eternity to be together and while I'm most definitely not perfect, that does guide my reactions to so many things. I know I over-react about a lot. I'm an incredibly emotional person!! We are both stubborn enough people to make this work. We won't quit. And because divorce is a word that is off the table in our household, I know that even though this has been a crappy week for us as a couple, neither of us are going anywhere. I know we will work it out. I struggle to remind myself that if it's not important in five years, just let it go and don't fight about it. It's SO hard. Everything seems SO huge at the time. Anyway...I have fall cows to go check before it gets dark. Life on the farm is what I'm trying to share with you in these thought bites every week. This week life on the farm has been rough! Reality is reality. This next week will hopefully be better. It will be crazy busy and stressful, but so will the rest of my life. I always said I wasn't going to marry a farmer, but then I fell in love. I love My Forever so much more than he will ever know and he loves the land and farming and I knew that when I married him. I'm sure someday I will look at this post and think how naive I was. How much life has changed and how I won't remember why I was mad at My Forever this week. What I do know is that I will be with My Forever building our future together....Forever. 

Have an awesome week and take care!